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  • Supplementary insurances of most health insurance companies contribute to the costs of psychological psychotherapy (non-medical psychotherapy). The amount of the cost sharing depends on the respective health insurance company. Please contact your health insurer directly. In some cases, a referral from the family doctor is required to cover the costs.


  • In the event of an indication from the disability insurance, it is possible to bill the disability insurance, provided the person concerned is not older than 20 years.


  • Accident insurance: In the event of psychological problems as a result of accidents, the accident insurance can cover the costs of psychotherapy upon request.


  • According to the Victims Assistance Act, victims of an act of violence can apply to the cantonal victim assistance office ( for financial participation in psychotherapy. You can also obtain advice on this from the relevant advice centers.


  • Of course, you can also cover the therapy costs yourself.

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